This website has been created for the residents of Abbotts Barton and surrounding areas so that you can keep up to-date with what's going on.

Apart from news you can find information about events, campaigns, and how to contact councillors.

Abbotts Barton Community Group is a community association which serves the people of Abbotts Barton and aims to act as a community anchor organisation. The main areas of work for the Group are:
  • ☐ To enable residents to find out how we can make where we live even better and do something about it.
  • ☐ To run events and activities for the benefit of inhabitants of Abbotts Barton.
  • ☐ To strengthen community participation.

Big Lunch 2014
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June 2018 update

Dear all

First the good news.  It’s our annual Big Lunch event this Saturday (9th) 1-3pm in the park!  As before it’s a chance to catch up with neighbours, eat food, enjoy the sunshine and join in with the odd game of rounders/football if you feel inclined. Children’s toys and bubbles will be provided. The only difference is that this year we’ll be bringing our own picnics. That said, feel free to share each other’s food informally (especially if someone’s else lunch looks particularly tempting).  Look out for the community group flag; we’ll be over near the playground.

Then the not so great news...a car was stolen off a driveway in Green Park Close recently while the owners were away.  It happened sometime between 10am on 31st May and 8pm on Friday 1st June.  Another neighbour in the area also found damage to her car door.   If you noticed anything please call 101, the police crime reference number is 44180204258.  Please forward this information to anyone else you know who is in Abbotts Barton.  If they want to get our (occasional) emails direct they can email me on info@abbottsbarton.org.uk  There’s a discussion about the theft on the ‘Abbotts Barton Community Forum’ on Facebook.  Just search for the group on Facebook and ask to join. 

Hope to see you on Saturday.


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