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Abbotts Barton Community Group is a community association which serves the people of Abbotts Barton and aims to act as a community anchor organisation. The main areas of work for the Group are:
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  • ☐ To run events and activities for the benefit of inhabitants of Abbotts Barton.
  • ☐ To strengthen community participation.

Big Lunch 2014
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January 2017 Update

Hi everyone

Happy New Year! There are a few things happening locally that may be of interest.

Community group news:
Colin Piper has been hard at work on the subject of community orchards and has secured permission and funding for an extension to the orchard at the bottom of Grosvenor Drive and a new area on Hillier Way.  There will be another community group planting event on 5th February from 2pm onwards.  All ages and abilities welcome; bring a spade if you have one.  Tea, cake and children’s toys/bubbles provided.  We will start at the grass at the bottom of Grosvenor Drive and then move on to Hillier Way.  The Grosvenor Drive site is at the corner of the main Chaundler Road Park furthest away from the playground. 

City Council news:
The postponed consultations regarding the use of the scrubland behind the Hillier Way carpark will now be held on Saturday 25 February.  Times to be confirmed.  For those new to the issue the Scouts wish to build a new centre in this area, although some of the land is being kept for community use in mitigation for the building of new council houses on Hillier Way. 
The Scouts’ plans include a building which could be made available for community use.  The last plans we saw were for the building to be used as a nursery during the day and available to be hired by the community for some evening slots and weekends.  This provision is already available at the adjacent football and rugby clubs.  If you would like more from a community space now would be a good time to give your views.  There may be the opportunity to do this at the consultation or you can contact your Local Councillors - see below for contact details. Alternatively feel free to reply to this email with what you would like from a local community centre.  For example, my personal list would include a venue with outdoor space for after school clubs.  What would be on your list?
We know there is a lot of local desire for a community centre.  If that is you and you would like to help make it happen please do get in touch.  We need people to liaise with the Council and the Scouts, attend the consultation in February on behalf of the group and generally provide some energy and enthusiasm.  It’s a good way of getting to know local people, looks good on a CV and is an opportunity to bring a real benefit to the area. If you can do any of those things or have other ideas please contact us we would love to have more people involved.
Also from the City Council: the new playground at the Monks Road Meadow at Abbotts Walk will be officially opened on 28 March once the grass has had a chance to get established and the council houses being built on Hillier Way are planned for occupancy during the summer.
To find out more about these, and other City Council issues, you can speak to the Local Councillors at their surgeries. These are on the first Wednesday of the month at Simonds Court common room 11:00 to 12:00 and at Hyde parish hall on the first Thursday of the month from 7:30 to 8:30.  Alternatively you can email them at dhiscock@winchester.gov.uk  nelks@winchester.gov.uk or rburns@winchester.gov.uk 

County Council news:
Pedestrian and cycle improvements (including a controlled crossing) and traffic calming measures will start on the Worthy Road as soon as Cala Homes have built enough houses at Barton Farm to trigger their obligation to fund the works.  For more information contact Fiona Mather on fiona.mather@hants.gov.uk

Finally a big thank you to those of you who organised events, baked cakes, planted trees, delivered leaflets, came along to events and got involved with the community group in 2016.
If you have any ideas for activities for 2017, or would like to join us in organising something, do get in touch.  We know of two streets which are planning summer street parties this year so that may be something to consider.
Don’t forget to reply to this email with your thoughts on what you would like from a local community centre.
Best wishes for 2017. 
Lynne and Jane

P.S. if you know anyone in Abbotts Barton who may be interested in receiving these emails please forward this one on.  If you were forwarded this and want to receive emails directly then please contact info@abbottsbarton.org.uk.  You can also find out more about local events and happenings by joining the Abbotts Barton Community Forum on Facebook or keeping an eye on the noticeboards on Chaundler Road, Hillier Way and Worthy Road.

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