This website has been created for the residents of Abbotts Barton and surrounding areas so that you can keep up to-date with what's going on.

Apart from news you can find information about events, campaigns, and how to contact councillors.

Abbotts Barton Community Group is a community association which serves the people of Abbotts Barton and aims to act as a community anchor organisation. The main areas of work for the Group are:
  • ☐ To enable residents to find out how we can make where we live even better and do something about it.
  • ☐ To run events and activities for the benefit of inhabitants of Abbotts Barton.
  • ☐ To strengthen community participation.

Big Lunch 2014
We always welcome people to join us, it's easy and free and there is no obligation to do anything! Please see our Membership page for more info!

If you should be interested in helping out at events, as a street champion, or as a Councillor's Surgery visitor, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Also let us know if you have some ideas for events or skills that could be useful (e.g. face painting at the picnics)! Read more about how you can help on our Get Involved page!

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Current Consultations

Abbotts Barton Community Plan

Please give your feedback to our draft community plan! Details can be found on our Community Plan page.

Station Approach development plans

For the people living in the station approach area there were workshop-style consultations in March. For details please read the City Council press release and see the Council's introduction page. If you have concerns or ideas and don't live in that area, you can pass them on to Winchester City Council, or of course also to our local ward councillors.
(The online survey was closed on 28 February.)

Find more on the Councils' consultation pages:

Your feedback is wanted

A safer crossing for Worthy Road

After campaigning for this for more than a year, we have been told that a Toucan crossing will be built to facilitate cyclists and pedestrians crossing Worthy Road in Abbotts Barton - we just don't know yet where exactly. If you have any opinions on when and where it should go, you can contact our County Councillor Fiona Mathers. It only takes a few moments to send an email to fiona.mather@hants.gov.uk! (Please don't forget to put your full postal address in the email.)
In addition to this there is an online petition for a crossing closer to town which might also be of interest to you.

Leisure Centre Debate

In November 2013 WCC held a consultation about the Leisure Centre replacement options. Since then the Council has set up an Informal Scrutiny Group to consider the whole replacement issue. In October the Council published an analysis of the available options. Our local Councillors are still very interested in your views, you can let them know via StBarts.focus@winld.org.uk.

Scout Hut for Abbotts Barton and Hyde

The Winchester Scouts have been going round the neighbourhood with a leaflet to ask for your support for a new Scout Hut in Abbotts Barton. It's not too late to let us know what you think about this proposal.

Silver Hill project

Winchester Councillor Kim Gottlieb has put together a website about the Silver Hill project that in his opinion should be looked at again as it is not the best solution for Winchester as it is now. Please refer to his website for more information on the current status of this campaign.

In addition to these, there are also campaigns run by the local branches of our political parties. These can be found on their respective websites.

Other local issues

The Abbotts Walk infiltration basin that was a duck pond in 2014

If you are concerned about the infiltraton basin that is not supposed to be a pond and would like to talk to the City Council about this, then find all the information needed in a blog post put together by one of the Abbotts Walk residents.


No current events.

Need to report something to the Council?

Winchester City Council

WCC have a whole webpage dedicated to reporting reporting things like missed bins, uncut grass, fly tipping, anti-social behaviour, and also to finding your local councillors and other useful information:


If you have a smartphone or tablet, there is a great little app: it's called Your Winchester and is free. It is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. There are links to these versions on the above mentioned Report web page (only visible when you are NOT logged in).

If you are not using the app, it is advisable to register with the main Winchester.gov site and then also with the reporting widget further down. This way you can track all of your reports, see progress made, and also get a response. Once you have set all this up, you can come back to your own personal My Winchester page and easily find all the information you need: http://www.winchester.gov.uk/my

Hampshire County Council

HCC have their own website that also offers help with reporting:


This is place to go to with anything related to roads and children. (You can also report road problems through the Reporting site on the Winchester.gov website (see above), this will then be relayed to HCC.)

Speak to your Councillors

If none of the above is helpful you can still contact your local Councillors. Please find more information on our WCC councillors and meetings page.


If you would like to stay informed about ongoing consultations and local issues, please sign up to our blog on our Contact page.