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Big Lunch 2014
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Tuesday 19 May 2015

News Roundup - May 2015

The UK’s annual get-together for neighbours.
Only another couple of weekends to go and our BIG LUNCH will be on! You will be able to find us on the main green (corner Chaundler Road/Charles Close) on Sunday 7 June from 12 noon to 3 pm. We are hoping that there will be a nice number of people again, and please don't worry, this time we won't be going around collecting names and email addresses - Jane, Lynne, and I also just want to relax and chat to everybody who wants to chat to us! As every year, everybody is welcome, come along with a plate of food to share, your own drink, and something to sit on. If anybody has some time either before or after to help setting up/tidying away please do let us know, things work so much faster when more people are helping. (We usually start setting up at 11 am, and tidying can also take another hour!)

Big Lunch 2014
Big Lunch 2014

Lucy and I are happy to report that our Fitness With Friends sessions are running nicely with a few more people joining in over the last weeks! We are happy for anybody else joining us! Please note that after half-term we will change the time, so from Sunday 7 June we will start at 4 pm instead of 11 am. This also ties in nicely with the Big Lunch!

We now have three of the big exercise balls and they
provide excellent entertainment apart from being useful as props! :)

If you are after another kind of free exercise, the football on Monday evenings has really taken off! The group is starting at 7:15 pm now.

Thanks to the input from one of our neighbours, Elaine Barrett, we now have a dedicated page for Community Safety on our website! It can be found via the tabs at the top of the page. Please do keep yourselves informed about the various kinds of scams happening, here is just one recent example as reported by the Daily Echo: Scam warning over bogus police taking large sums of cash. There is a lot more happening that can catch out the unaware easily, the Hampshire County Coundil Trading Standards website has a lot of useful information available. Over the last weeks I've also seen various reports about thefts from sheds and garages in King's Worthy and Weekly, please keep yours locked and have items like bicycles stored away safely.

It's not only us who are after a safer crossing for Worthy Road, if you agree that in addition to a crossing further up on Worthy Road it would be good to have one closer to town as well, please sign this petition for a safer crossing that has been set up by local people.

The elections are behind us and it is worth noting that our new St. Bartholomew ward councillor is Rosemary Burns from the Conservative party, so we now have two representatives from the Liberal Democrats and one Conservative. (More about local Councillors and the full results for the Winchester local elections.)

On a side note, I tried to go to the moved Councillor's Surgery on 16 May but it seems there was some misunderstanding and nobody was there to talk to (apologies received). The next one will therefore be in June!

The group has had its first AGM early in May, and the attendees have elected the same management committee as last year:
- Lynne Frost - Chair
- Jane Taylor - Treasurer
- Sylke Krämer - Secretary
Thank you to everybody who was there!

Have you seen our new feather flag out and about last Sunday for the first time? You can't really miss our events any more with this thing out!

If you haven't had a chance to look at the local news recently, don't follow us on any of the social media sites, and would like to catch up on more than I have written about here: please visit our website and have a look at all of the links I've posted via Twitter (they are also on Facebook and Google+). The tweets can be found in the sidebar on the right of the blog posts.

If you know of anybody in your neighbourhood of whom you think they might be interested in the information in this email, please do not hesitate to forward!

Other than that, I'm wishing everybody a nice Spring Bank Holiday on Monday and if that applies to you also a great half-term break!

All the best,
Secretary of Abbotts Barton Community Group