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Big Lunch 2014
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Saturday 1 March 2014

News Roundup

Aren't we all glad to see the flood water receding? Things are slowly returning to normal, it even looks like the St Bede's school children might all be back in their school by the end of the coming week. Hooray! I am not going to reproduce the countless articles and news videos I published on Facebook and Twitter over the last weeks as I am assuming most of you will have followed the developments via TV/radio, newspapers or other web sources. I think most notable for me were these actions: the idea of slowing down the River Itchen near Easton which really seems to have brought some relief for Winchester, the temporary road that was built to allow traffic to continue on Andover Road, and the flood barrier built in Park Avenue. Undoubtedly a lot of work for the Council - let's hope they put in place some updated contingency plans for the next flood!

Over the last days we had communications with WCC and one of our ward councillors (Dominic Hiscock) about the playground near the leisure centre which has by now mostly emerged from the flood waters. I asked whether it had been cleaned (not actually knowing whether the water had gone totally) and was told, yes. Unfortunately this was not right, and after pointing out that the place is filthy (and we don't actually know whether the flood water was contaminated or not), it was decided that it should be closed to the public until the grounds have been cleared of debris and washed properly. See for yourselves:



Upcoming events

6 March: Councillor's Surgery
12 March: Winchester Town Forum Meeting
19 March: Winchester Cabinet meeting

Council activities

Today we had the St Bartholomew Ward Local Plan Part 2 drop-in meeting at the Discovery Centre. I went to take a look as big information boards are sometimes easier to take in than the same information on a small PC screen, plus there were people to talk to. If you couldn't make it, don't worry the consultation is still open until 4 April!
Looking at the maps and the information presented, the main items that struck us where all the areas that had been suggested for development (for example the fields north of Abbotts Walk), the lack an improvement in the number health facilities, and also again no mention of a community facility for Abbotts Barton. As for the land suggested for development we were assured that these areas (which are all outside of the town area of Winchester) were not being considered by WCC as they apparently have found enough space to build the required 4000 new homes (this includes 2000 at Barton Farm) within the town boundaries. In terms of health facilities, this is decided by the newly set up West Hampshire Clinical Commission Group who are of the opinion that there are enough practices around (despite the fact that many people experience two week waiting times before they can see their GPs).
Please find more information here:
And lots more (plus a link to the comment form) here:

Yesterday Hampshire Chronicle reported Winchester council leader to stand down.

I am repeating this important survey about the City Council elections frequency: vote in 'thirds' or change to 'all out' system, what's your preference? This only takes a couple of minutes (mainly to read the information of pros and cons provided). I would really urge you to look at this and to vote as this change would have a major effect on how the Council works. The closing date for this consultation is Friday 14 March 2014.

Leisure Centre

On 20 February Hampshire Chronicle published University announces plans to build leisure centre at Bar End. Interesting.

Other news

It seems as if the Abbotts Walk development is entering the last building phase! See Progress by abbottswalk.com, a blog run by one of the residents there.

Have you seen this site? Parents Want A Say - about what parents think about the changed rules for schools to allow absences.

Good news for some, bad for others: Property prices booming again in Winchester.

Some more info regarding the confidential information that the NHS has about us:
18 February: Giant NHS database rollout delayed
23 February: Hospital records of all NHS patients sold to insurers
1 March: NHS 'barred' selling patient data for commercial use

And for the foodies amongst us: Developers confirm Wagamama plans have not changed for Winchester

Things to do

The Romsey Choral Society is going to perform a concert at St Cross Church on 15 March, 7:30pm: There's something about Mary. Directed by Jamie Hall from Abbotts Barton!

WCC: "The Great Hall and Queen Eleanor’s Garden reopened Saturday 15 Feb after refurbishment work."

Eggs marks the spot: Easter Bunny is Winchester-bound for city-wide egg hunt

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