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Big Lunch 2014
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Thursday 14 November 2013

News roundup

I am so happy we are well into the second week of term, with everything being back to normal. That first week of back to school was simply too short for me with Monday being an inset day and having to catch up on 'everything' after half-term. And then I got this horrible cold which left me almost 'speechless' over the weekend... Enough moaning, I hope you all got well through the last seven days! And anyway, yesterday we had this:

If you ever see this mad woman hopping about in front of the house with a phone/camera/iPad in her hand to take photos of the sky, well, that's me! Come and say hello! :)

We also have a new banner on the website, suitable for autumn but still not the perfect autumn picture of the park for me. I'll try to get a better one!

Council activities

Have you made it to the 20mph exhibition? Friday is the final day! If not, the exhibits are available online as a PDF file. More information in this Daily Echo article: Plans go on show for 20mph scheme across Winchester city centre.

HCC have had hundreds of responses to their survey asking what services we value most, that's good. Have you had your say yet? Here is the survey link again: which county council services do you value most? Fill in the Hampshire County Council survey and help inform decisions on the Council Tax. Takes 10 minutes!

How long has this scheme been in the waiting? Winchester city centre Silver Hill scheme could get underway in two years.

Winchester Town Forum meeting - 27 November (click on the link to see more information)
Winchester (Housing) Committee meeting - 28 November (click on the link to see more information)

Riverpark Leisure Centre

Hampshire Chronicle reported: Winchester civic groups questions over River Park plans

A tweet from Winchester City Council: "River Park Leisure Centre exhibition starts next week (Monday 18 November). We're hoping to hear from you, tell us what you want."


Stay safe on social media: advice for all ages on the key social networking sites.

One can only dream... Dutch-style bike lanes set for roll-out in Bristol - Britain’s cycling capital

Saving money

Have you read about the Big Community Switch? This is a scheme to find cheaper gas and electricity suppliers, supported by Hampshire County Council!

On the Facebook page I asked if anybody is using a meal planner, be it software or a piece of paper. I've started doing this when my son was little as it greatly helped me with organising our days and also doing a more efficient weekly shop. If they plan at all, most people seem to be simply using pen and paper, whereas I ended up with an Excel sheet that now covers several years! I was asking because I wanted to find out if anybody had a better means as I've found that there are also software and apps out there that can help a lot (also to organise recipes) and I am currently trying something called Pepperplate (with mixed results). If anybody here has any experience on the topic, please come forward and let us know!


There was plenty on the news over the last days about the ship building job losses, then I found that FlyBE also want to cut 500 jobs. Scary, as I fly out with them twice a year to go and visit my relatives in Germany.

Things to do

The Christmas Lights in Winchester will be switched on TODAY at 6pm outside Guildhall Winchester. The Winchester Christmas Market will run for 32 days: Thu 21 Nov to Sun 22 Dec. Open daily, 10am-6pm Sun-Wed & 10am-7.30pm Thurs-Sat.

It might not be the perfect weather right now but please don't forget that we have several great green areas in Abbotts Barton that can be used for outside play or other activities even in the rain! Maybe we should organise a bug hunt for the children to see what they can find? Or what about an autumn leave gathering event so that you can make your own leaf garland at home? Any other creative ideas are welcome!


On that note, find some inspiration for doing things outside: Swap Some Screen Time for WildTime! On the linked page you will find a link to an app that you can use to find projects for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and so on.

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