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Big Lunch 2014
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Thursday 31 October 2013

News roundup

It's half-term, the clocks have changed, the storm has passed, it's Halloween, and Bonfire Night is almost upon us too! What a week!

I hope you didn't get too much damage in your gardens or anywhere else on Sunday night! We went on a walk on Monday, trying to get to King's Worthy via Nuns Walk - and couldn't because of this (and by 'this' I mean the fallen trees and not the little person):

Just where the path turns right to lead into the tunnel that goes under the A33 was this huge uprooted tree, completely covering the path. It had taken down some more trees too, so really there was no more space to get past. (If you would like to see some more photos from our walk feel free to check out my Flickr album - or, even better, just do the walk yourself! :))

Have you been carving your pumpkins, found some scary costumes and are you ready for trick and treat visitors? The little Grim Reaper and Mother Witch will be making their rounds tomorrow, be warned!

Back to business!

Council activities

We've heard from Jane that Hampshire County Council Highway Management have accepted that they need to do something about the footpath near the allotments:
"The enquiry you raised has been inspected and does require action.
Defects of this nature are added to our contractors work programme and are normally processed within two months.
Please note, this could take longer depending on the severity of the issue and availability of resource which could be affected by severe weather events."
Even though it will still take some time, that's good news.

A handy site to know is Hampshire County Council's reporting site: you can report things like potholes, faulty street lights, trees and hedges and some more.

Leisure Centre / North Walls Recreation Grounds

The Sk8 Winchester group who are working on getting the Skate Park re-done had some brilliant news, they are getting a £100,000 grant from Veolia. Steve Brine also has an article about this on his website.

Winchester City Council is going to do an exhibition for the Leisure Centre plans. Hampshire Chronicle has all the details.

And Save The Rec have their own song 'Jumpers for Goalposts'! It's a good one!


The Big Lunch people have sent out a newsletter with some tips; I'm already looking forward to next year's Big Lunch in our park!!!

It's not too late to sponsor Christina Hutchings from Hyde on her 10 mile Great South Run that she did on Sunday! :)

I also wanted to share with you little Jemima Syvret's story, her brother was in this article: Winchester boy completes triathlon to raises £1,500 for disabled sister Jemima Syvret

Trips to take, things to do

Have you received a booklet for the half-term adventures in Winnall Moors? Let us know whether you have done the story trail and what it was like.

Today is the last chance to go to the Westgate Museum for Halloween:
"From Saturday 26 October to Thursday 31 October the creepy Westgate will be decorated for Halloween, and young visitors will be challenged to stay long enough to complete the Halloween Horrors Spotter Quiz. Can you find the scary rats hidden around the Westgate chamber before they find you?"
Anybody into Roller Disco? Seventies-themed roller disco comes to Winchester this weekend.


Winchester-based record producer spinning a new tune: this Hampshire Chronicle article was supposed to advertise the opening of yet another new Homewares shop in Winchester - I nearly missed that bit!

Successful pop-up shop returns to Winchester for third year running: this one is a bit more straightforward to understand! :)

Finally, let me remind you that there will be another Councillor's Surgery next week Thursday, 7 November, starting 7:30pm at Hyde Parish Hall.

New houses at Abbotts Walk as seen from Nuns Walk

Cows in Winnall Moors - who's staring at who?

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