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Thursday 17 October 2013

News roundup

Another week has passed, is it only me or are the seven days of a week actually getting shorter and shorter???

Over at the Abbotts Barton Community Group's Facebook page we were all admiring photos from yesterday morning's pink rainbow, here is one especially for you:

Are you looking forward to Halloween or are you dreading it? I haven't even had a chance to find out what my son wants to do this year! When we did go out in previous years my friends and I usually went with the rule that if there are no decorations then we don't ring - but of course you can download a free poster if you want to avoid trick or treaters completely this year.

Council activities

First of all, here is an online link to this month's Winchester Today issue which had the great editorial about the Council's plans to build a new leisure centre on one of the recreation grounds at North Walls (as mentioned in a previous post). And just as an aside, it seems to be the season for leisure centre upheavals, Eastleigh borough council also have plans!

Winchester City Council want to spend more money and build some more: Winchester councillors considering building new HQ

FYI, there will be a Cabinet meeting on next Wednesday (23 October, agenda available here) and I have noticed that a 'special' meeting has been set up on 4 November for the Winchester City Council Cabinet but I have no idea what it will be about (the Agenda and Reports for this meeting will be available for viewing on 25 October 2013).

Two surveys from WCC for Council house tenants:

Hampshire County Council also have a survey (for everybody): Improving our Service to You – our resident survey.

Road safety

WCC are doing an Exhibition on proposed 20mph speed limits for Winchester. "The exhibition is at four venues – the Tourist Information Centre at the Guildhall, the BID offices in Parchment Street, the Winchester Discovery Centre and the Brooks Shopping Centre (ground floor) – from Monday 4 November to Friday 15 November. Information boards will show the extent of the proposed scheme."

On potholes: Thousands paid out in pothole compensation by Hampshire County Council. You just wonder why they don't fix the potholes before they have to pay compensation?

There is now a start date for the Winnall round-about improvements. More in the Hampshire Chronicle.

Some roads in Hyde have got tighter parking restrictions as outlined by Hampshire Chronicle.


If you are at all concerned about what fracking could do to the area that you are living in, then take a look at the wrongmove site set up by Greenpeace. I am not a member of Greenpeace but I find it important to protect the environment for future generations. I did enter our postcode and was told that we could be affected which is not completely surprising with the licenses being given out nearby. Once you have entered your postcode you can join the legal block of residents refusing permission to drill under their homes. Here is also an article from the BBC about the fracking challenges planned by Greenpeace and another one from Hampshire Chronicle, Fracking in Hampshire 'five years away' according to expert.

Things to do

Have you seen the Nature Finder app from the Wildlife Trust? It contains a map of more than 2000 nature reserves – woods, meadows, moors, heaths, lakes – great places to explore and get close to nature. It also contains a list of events, information on UK wildlife species and a directory for all 47 Wildlife Trusts.

Starting 25 October the 10 Days Winchester arts event will be on. Please see the programme for more information.


Grace has opened her Eats Amazing shop! Go and check it out for items that will help you to prepare healthy AND fun packed lunches!

Have you seen the beautiful Christmas cards sold at the Naomi House online shop? I ordered some last week and they arrived the very next day!


You might be interested to back an e-petition to force the Premier League to back grassroots football.

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