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Thursday 10 October 2013

News roundup

Can you feel the chill in the air? Since last night it is finally well and properly autumn. Let's focus on the positive: what a great summer we had this year! And: I can't wait to take a great autumnal photo of the park! :)

Mentioning the park, yesterday morning I had a friendly conversation with the man who drives the lawn mower tractor. He told me the grass hadn't been cut for six weeks: he was in hospital and nobody did the job for him in the meantime! Not that I really minded for the first three weeks or so (less wet cut grass to be dragged into the house by children and also less noise from the lawn mower) but the grass got really long over the last two weeks and I'm glad it's shorter again.

Council activities

Last week we've seen men measuring up the recreation grounds, this time they've been here in Abbotts Barton having a good look at our garage blocks:


This seems a little early considering that Council Leader Keith Wood said they only want to build here in about three years time, but it fits in perfectly with this statement from a recent Cabinet (Housing) Committee meeting where they were talking about the development at Westman Road:
During discussion, the Head of New Homes Delivery explained that the programme should be sufficiently flexible so that some proposals (such as Westman Road) could be developed at an earlier time should others become delayed. Therefore, schemes continued to be proactively prepared with a view to securing planning permissions.
By the way, did you notice that our website now has a new tab named "WCC councillors and meetings"? Here you can find information about your local councillors and how to contact them plus excerpts from council meeting notes! We keep taking a look at the meeting agendas (before a meeting) and the notes (after the meeting) to make sure we don't miss anything that would be relevant to Abbotts Barton and areas close by like the North Walls recreation ground.

The Council is still asking for participation in shaping Winchester's future:
Refreshed Community Strategy Survey September 2013

Some action is going to be taken to get better/more bins, with some of the dog bins becoming dual use ones:
City 'needs more bins'

And just a reminder how nice it would be to have an actual community centre with a room where we could meet, in Weeke they have it all AND they even get a community group organised by the Council:
New community group for north Winchester

Road safety

Would you like your children to cross Worthy Road on their own on a school day? I certainly wouldn't and it seems children are really put off by busy roads:
School walk safety fears

Things to do

Do you like art? You might like the current artSouth exhibits!

The Wildlife Trusts are introducing Wildlife Watch for children.

During the upcoming half-term the Council is organising a lot of free sports events:
What's On - Sports Activities Happening Now

If you like cycling but feel a bit unsure about it:
New cycling initiative set up to get Winchester pedaling

In case you haven't noticed, Halloween is coming up soon. How about a scary walk around Winchester?
Ghoulish adventures planned in Winchester

Intech will soon have an interesting sounding Neuromedia Art and Neuroscience Research Exhibition, starting 24 October.

Food, lovely food!

Our neighbour Grace is about to open her online shop for all things Bento! She is a master in making fun and healthy yet easy to make lunch boxes for her son and would like to enable other people to do the same or similar things for their children. Take a look at her website for some inspiration:
Eats Amazing

Want to save some money shopping for groceries? While Waitrose doesn't have the reputation for being the cheapest supermarket around, you might have seen the flyer through the door this week: Waitrose is doing a great promotional offer again, where you can save £75 over the course of five online shops! I did this over the summer already and since the minimum spend per shop is only £50 (with FREE delivery) this is easily done - and I was very pleased to essentially get a free shop out of this! Just make sure to read the fine print at the bottom about the time period you have to use these vouchers:
£75 off your first 5 online grocery shops

And again the new openings in town I was mentioning last week already:
Celebrities flock to foodie Winchester in a host of new openings

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